Marina Hearle

Marina Hearle Short Biography
1965: Born in Belarus, the very same place where notorious Marc Chagall was born, Marina naturally
had a strong exposure to the richness of European Art.
1982 – 1991: Whilst continuing to study for her ‘Doctorate in Epidemiology’ she passionately studied the the craft of Art by taking classes during extensive travel through Europe and the Caribbean.
1992 – 1998: This was the period where Marina discovered and later tailored the ‘Alla Prima’ Technique. This oil-based technique was known from the 15th Century, latterly used by impressionists that made their movement so famous. Marina adapted it to suit her favourite media, Acrylic.

1999 – 2002: Marina married and moved to Maryland, USA. Her talents were added to when she achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design.
2003: Marina and her husband move to Pawleys Island, SC. Marina resides in Pawleys Island to this day.
2004 – 2021: Once settled, Marina opened her own Art Gallery to combine her passion for art & design into the concept of “Artful Living”. This combination proved to be dynamic. Local introductions and appearances were offered, newspapers and magazines suddenly wanted to support this unusual venture.
‘Sassy’ Magazine once wrote.
“Marina’s lush strokes evoke the contemporary feminine mythology by harmoniously positioning images of Birds, Plants, and Butterflies along with enigmatic faces and figures. Whether she portraits or landscapes, her whimsical touch will always allow you to flawlessly swim the sparkling sea of imagination and be ‘the wonder’”. All this promotion and marketing started seriously opening doors, even Internationally! She presented and sold her art in France, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, as well as the local markets of the USA and Canada.